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Our Story

TutorBuddy has a combined experience of more than 20 years in tutoring young children aged 9 to 13. The establishment is supported by parents and students who need online tutoring, complimenting a child's learning in a school environment with the convenience of learning at home.

We offer simple, easy, face to face access online classes with each class size of not more than 6. We also offer one to one personalized service for those who prefer greater individual attention. We adopt a combination of teaching styles that best fits each child's learning needs.

Based on a well-crafted lesson plan by the Singapore Asia Publication house, each child will gain knowledge and confidence in the application of English. Every child is additionally supported by Tutorbuddy's in-house 30-minutes daily buddy revsion time. The child will excel in what is learned.

Each child will be guided by the class tutor, based on a structured lesson plan. The child learns through practices, assignments, walk-throughs of worksheets, and sharing in class. The tutor will give tips in answering questions, and in techniques and application of English.

The child will be led by the tutor to participate in reading, questioning and answering, and in discussions in class. Our tutors will respond instantaneously during class.

About Us

TutorBuddy Team

Mrs. Regina Yeoh - Managing and Administration Executive Officer

Mr. Benjamin Ting - Operation Executive Officer

Mdm. Clara Chua - Programmes and Content Development Advisor

Partner - SAP, Singapore Asia Publication Pte Ltd

Partner - Venture Heaven Incorp Pte Ltd

Teaching & Learning Model

Teaching & Learning Model

We adopt a structured teaching approach with a well-designed lesson plan centred on specific themes. A combination of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic teaching styles will be adopted based on the child’s intuitive learning nature other than reading and writing.

Online classes are simulated close to classroom learning in school, drawing familiarity in their school learning environment, yet learning at the convenience and comfort of the home.

Each child will be assigned notes and assignments to strengthen what they have learned in each class. The marking of each assignment is done instantly. Additional assignments will be submitted online for tutors to grade. The tutor will feedback to your child and may request a dialogue with the parents. The parent will receive a learning report regarding the child's progress in the learning journey with us.

Our Curriculum

Every lesson plan is carefully tailored to ensure a good understanding of the language. Each lesson plan will be completed over two classes and will include practice questions and answers taught by our dedicated class tutor.

  • Grammar and Cloze
  • Vocabulary and Cloze
  • Editing Passages
  • Synthesis and transformation
  • Comprehension 
  • Writing 
  • Supplementary Notes, Quiz, Practices

Learning Environment

Learning Environment

Our classes will be conducted online by dedicated class tutors that will see the child through the semester term. We promote active participation and engagement between class tutors and students through online video conferences. Every tutor will assign time for individual work practices and dialogue. Every child will be given ample opportunity to share and learn with their classmates in a comfortable class size of not more than 6 students.

Student Experiences